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Rectifiers/Battery Chargers


Hayley Industrial Electronics Ltd Rectifiers/Battery Chargers utilize available AC power to provide DC power to DC loads and provide a charging current with correct float and equalize to maintain DC batteries. Single Phase input is most suitable for small plant load and small inverters. Three Phase input Rectifier/Battery Chargers are available for larger power systems up to 30K Watt loads.


Industrial, telecommunication, instrumentation and switch gear are environments ideally suited for Hayley rectifiers/battery chargers.

Charger Types and Mounting

CCA:Filtered Rectifier e/w float, equalize, and equalize timer for use on flooded or ni-cad cells.

CCB: Filtered Rectifier e/w float only and with a current limited battery recharge circuit. For use on sealed lead acid batteries with a short standby requirement.

CCBT: same as type CCB and equipped with Battery Test Control Unit.

CCE: Filtered Rectifier e/w float only. For use on any types of batteries not requiring equalize.

CCET: same as type CCE and equipped with Battery Test Control Unit.

Hayley rectifiers/battery chargers can be floor, wall or 19" rack mounted to best suit your environmental and space needs. Standard 19" racks are available in 48", 60" 72" and 84" heights.

Technical Data Sheet


  • AC input
  • DC output
  • DC battery disconnect (optional)


  • DC ammeter
  • DC voltmeter
  • DC charge/discharge (CCB type only)

Regulation +/-1% or better

Overcurrent Limiting Inherent in Design

Ripple Less than 1% on a Resistive Load

Fully Protected from Transients and Surges

Control Unit with the Following Standard Features and Indicators:

  • AC input power on indicator
  • Battery charged indicator
  • Float adjustment pre-set at factory
  • Electronic current limiting
  • Electronic soft start
  • Overvoltage sensing and shut down with lockout

Optional Features and Indicators

  • Charger on equalize indicator
  • Charger on float indicator
  • BATTERY TEST CONTROL - push button features that places the complete plant load onto the battery under discharge conditions. The charger automatically resumes normal operation when the battery reaches 1.85 VPC. A resettable elapsed time hour-meter records the time duration of the discharge. Manual initiate and cancel buttons.
  • Battery recharge current limiting adjustable - pre-set at the factory to correspond to project specific battery requirements.
  • Float and equalize independently adjustable
  • DC equalize timer - 2.5/24 hour adjustable equalize timer.
  • Auto-equalize at 2 VPC. Manual initiate and cancel push buttons.

Combined Alarm Unit with the Following Indicators and Dry from ‘C’ Contact:

  • AC fail
  • Control unit fail
  • DC low voltage
  • Battery end of discharge
  • Positive ground
  • Negative ground

Internal Terminals for Connections and Alarms

Front Access to All Equipment

Available Unit Style

Rack Mount (19” standard)
Wall Mount
Floor Cabinet


120Vac to 600Vac, 50/60 Hz, single phase

208Vac to 600Vac, 50/60 Hz, three phase


12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 120Vdc, 220Vdc


As an expression to our quality and reliability, we at Hayley stand behind all our manufactured equipment with an industry leading 5-year warranty. All of our products are subjected to rigorous testing and are NRTL/C approved (CSA plus UL approval).

Hayley products are proudly manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, and contain 95% Canadian content.

Single Phase Rectifier
3-phase Rectifier

“Taking pride in what we manufacture ensures we’re producing high quality product every time.”

Noel Hayley

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Rack mount, wall mount and floor cabinet unit styles available.

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